About us

Lotta and Magnus

The Lighthouse Escape Room

In 2017 we played our first Escape Room and after that the idea started to sprout that we should unleash our creativity and create our own Escape Rooms. In late 2020, we found the perfect place in Halland’s hinterland to build up our business, specifically in Gällared 10 minutes from Ullared.

In the fall of 2021, we began seriously rebuilding the premises and starting our exciting, creative dream of creating our own Escape Room business! And what was first supposed to be a side business to our regular jobs, is now our full-scale employment. July 25 2022 was a big day for us! Then we opened the room “Secrets of the Sailor”! We could hardly dream of the good response we got and by May 2023 more than 250 groups had played the room. You can read our reviews on Tripadvisor  

At the time of writing, at the beginning of July 2023, we have just opened up our second room, “The Lighthouse”!

We are really looking forward to meeting all of you who think Escape Room sounds exciting and decide to try a game here with us!

Well met!
Magnus and Lotta

History Escape Room

There are many variations of Escape Room and who created the first ones is hard to say. Inspiration for Escape Room came mainly from the computer and video game genre “Escape the room” that came out in the early 21st century. After that, various team-based “live-action games” began to be created in different places in the world.

The first permanent Escape-room-like room was created in Japan in 2007, but some consider the Escape Rooms created in Hungary in 2011 to be the first rooms as we are used to seeing them now. Many enthusiasts go to Hungary just to play. In Budapest alone, there are estimated 90 different Escape room locations to choose from.

In Sweden, the first Escape Rooms were opened in 2014 and now there are Escape rooms from Malmö in the south to Boden in the north. In total, there are over 50,000 physical Escape Rooms in the world, and with Covid, many digital Escape Rooms have also appeared.

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