The Rooms

Room Sailor's Secrets - Lighthouse Escape Room

Sailor’s Secrets!

Gustaf Enoksson has worked his whole life as a sailor on all the world’s seas. On a few occasions over the years, however, he has returned to Gällared and the rumor grows in the village that Gustaf’s house is filled with treasures and secrets from all over the world.

The area’s greedy big farmer, Robert Haglund, has for many years increased his power and fortune by playing tricks on others and plans to get over Gustaf’s house and all the strange things he thinks is inside it.

But Gustaf senses Robert’s plans and wants to prevent them from happening. However, it hasn’t quite gone as Gustaf had planned. Now you have found out that you can help Gustaf, and throw yourself into the task! But time is short, there it is urgent! Can you save Gustaf’s house and all his dear possessions from ending up in Robert’s hands??

3-5 players

Room Psycho - Lighthouse Escape Room

The cargo hold

(opens 2023)

In 1951, Gustaf Enoksson enlists on a ship that traffics the grea seas The Swedish captain and owner, Sven Arvidsson, treats the crew very badly. When a heavy storm approaches, they do not want to risk their safety for the sake of the captain, but leave the ship in the lifeboat and manage to get to the coast. The captain miraculously manages to single-handedly bring the ship through the storm into port, but it is so damaged that it is no longer usable and the cargo was lost in the rough seas. In order to survive, he have to take various small jobs in the harbor while he lives in his unusable ship. Sven develops an enormous hatred for all sailors, and when he gets old, he rebuilds the small part of the hold that wasn`t smashed in the storm into a chamber of death. He begins to kidnap innocent people moving around the harbor area. He locks them into the hold, but wants them to suffer as he has, so he lets it be an hour before he ends their lives.
After strolling down the harbor and being offered a taste of an exotic sausage by a strange old street vendor, you wake up in the captain’s hold and now have an hour to outwit the captain’s diabolical mechanisms to get out alive…

2-3 players

Room The Lighthouse - Lighthouse Escape Room

The Lighthouse

(opens 2023)

After Gustaf Enoksson has been at sea for 30 years, strong emotions are aroused when he meets Juana Lazcano in the Argentine coastal town of San Julián. He decides to go ashore and work as a lighthouse keeper at the El Chico del la Capa lighthouse outside the city.

Businessman Roberto Marcos, who lives in San Julián, has made a fortune from shady dealings, but lately he has got huge debts and needs to cash in. He plans to let one of his cargo ships go to the bottom and collect insurance money, by turning off the lighthouse where Gustaf works, at the right time. By funding some modernizations, he gains access to the lighthouse and can rig it to go out an hour before the ship arrives. So that no one can light it again, he blocks the floors up to the lighthouse but places clues for himself in different places in the lighthouse in order to quickly light the lighthouse again so that no suspicion falls on him.

In the fall of 1968, Gustaf gets a well-deserved vacation at the same time as a deep low pressure with associated storm winds is approaching. Roberto Marcos sees his chance to put the plan into action.

One of Roberto Marco’s cronies thinks his boss has crossed the line, and gives you the scoop information about what will happen. You bring some friends with you to prevent the disaster but you are in a hurry! The ship is approaching and in an hour it will be smashed against the sharp rocks of the coast. Can you light the lighthouse before it’s too late?

3-6 players